Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Working on a Border

For my Bee Addicted 2 quilt (it needs a name!), I am doing a "solid" border and a pieced border. The solid border is the tie-dyed blue fabric that is in the quilt. The pieced border is made up of scraps from the fabrics in the quilt. The strips are between 1 inch and 3 inches wide.

I wanted a random look, but not too random! So I started in an orderly manner.

Apparently, I am too orderly because I have several strips that are the exact same prints together! Look closely and you can see what I mean.

To be more random, I have now put all my scraps in a container and will choose them from there. I hope it helps!


  1. What are you doing for the back of the quilt? I thought the random pieces all put together looked good! It'll be a neat quilt!

  2. Oh, and I do love that blueberry fabric!