Saturday, March 13, 2010

Vintage Finds

After the block I made for the Vintage Sheet Bee, I decided I needed more vintage sheets in shades other than white. I went out with three kids in the rain looking for some. My determination was rewarded with two interesting pillowcases and a full size sheet.
This is a king size pillowcase with a major printing problem! There is plenty of unblemished fabric, but there is also a large area where the fabric must have been folded when the printing was applied. It could make really interesting stripes in a design! I hope to be able to use all of the pillowcase.

The next pillowcase I found was very 70ish with browns and oranges. Not much like the rest of my collection, but adds variety.

The sheet is the greatest find of the day, and probably the best in the past month or two! I liked this one so much, that for a little bit, I thought it was a modern reproduction done in softer colors. But looking at the tag, it is from the 60s (I believe)! The butterflies are so cool! I used the flash for some of the pictures, and it made the white butterflies stand out amazingly well. In reality, they are pretty hard to see! In any case, this is about the coolest vintage sheet I have found in a while. Oh, and it gets better, it is full size. More fabric to play with!

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  1. That's funny because I saw the brown & orange one and passed it up! I just didn't like it as much. And I was double checking last night about my butterfly sheets....they looked too good (in too good condition!), I thought they had to be modern versions. But I checked the tag again....and still wasn't sure. =) It does look like an old tag and the company name on there was popular earlier on. I still think it's funny that we found the same sheet!