Monday, March 15, 2010

28th Cover Up Quilt Show Part 1

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My sister and I decided to go to a quilt show hosted by the Bulloch Hall Quilting Guild. I was really excited as it was to be the first show that I have ever been to. Now that I write about it, I have mixed feelings. See my sister and I have 6 kids between us all under the age of 5. They are mostly good kids, but the ladies running the quilt show didn't handle them well. We kept getting comments to watch the kids, or be careful with something or other, or got some ugly looks from some people. We decided to take the kids outside and let them play in the yard while we took turns looking at all the quilts. I wish I could have looked at the quilts more thoroughly, but with the kids running around outside, I didn't want to take too much time. And I felt out of place being probably 20 years younger than the next youngest person there!

One part of the quilt show that I thought was really interesting was a challenge to create interesting quilts with pieces from unfinished vintage quilts. Here is a sample of a vintage quilt square that was given out to use to make a new quilt.

There were a lot of great pieces, but as soon as I took this picture, I was told I was not allowed to take any more in this room due to the vintage nature of the pieces.

Megan and I really liked this one. It uses all batiks. The quilting was also really interesting as it looked like wood grain or something like that.

This crazy wonky long cabin quilt was really interesting. I am sure I could make something like it with my scraps! Not sure I have the patience to hand quilt this much though!

Megan really liked this one. I am guessing (and fairly confident) that this one was paper pieced.

I really love the little squares in their jewel tones. I think a full mosaic quilt in these colors would be amazing!

This star quilt isn't too exceptional, but the fact that it looked like an I-Spy quilt with photos added in.

I was amazed at this heirloom quilt with these photos used for the squares. It was really great!

Check out these brilliant colors! This was a part of a stain glass cross quilt. There wasn't much room to take a full picture, but this quilt looked great up close.

I think this quilt was one of the most amazing. It was all pieced and very intricate.

Megan really liked this one. I love daisies. I assume this was paper pieced. I guess I might have to try some paper piecing one of these days.

I LOVE lone star quilts! There were several at the quilt show. This one is probably my favorite. The colors are amazing and the borders are exquisite!

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  1. Looking back, I think the girl in the sand is my favorite (for intricacy anyway!). I'd prefer to do something more like the small squares or batiks. They were all so nice though!