Friday, March 12, 2010

A New Thrift Store

There is a new thrift store near us! It is an outlet for three other thrift stores in the Atlanta area. How cool is a thrift store outlet! Anyway, there model is that they put out new stuff on Thursday and prices start on $1.75. Each day the prices decrease by $.25 until Wednesday when everything is $.25. I found out about this thrift store on a Tuesday night and decided that there would be nothing left that I would want on Wednesday. So I went today. Everything is $1.50. I found 4 skirts and 2 shirts for me. I bought a couple of things for my kids. The best things I got are a set of vintage curtains (I think were made from a sheet) and a set of midnight blue twin sheets. Both of these are going be great for sewing. I will use the blue sheets as background for an upcoming quilt! The vintage curtains will be great for the Vintage Sheet Bee. It looks faded on one side, but it looks right somehow. The faded part is yellow, and the regular part is orange.
Here you can see the regular print:

And the faded side:

Not too bad. It is very different from most of the vintage sheets I have. I know that is good, but still a bit unnerving!

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  1. what an amazing sound store ... and great sheet find. i love an old sheet for a quilt. great use for recycling