Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trying New Cinnamon Rolls

My little boy has a really bad eczema on his face and hands. In our quest to find the cause, we cut tomatoes out of his diet for almost a month. That didn't help, so we have now taken dairy out of his diet. I tried this new recipe for cinnamon rolls that has no dairy in it. The end result wasn't as rich as my regular cinnamon rolls, but was still very good. I added a glaze to the rolls to add to the richness. Adrian's comment was that now we know we can make good food that doesn't have dairy in it.


  1. My grandson has had severe excema ever since he was a baby. He is 6, now. He was allergic to 9 different foods, among many, many other things.

    My heart goes out to your and your family because I know what pain and suffering he goes through. My grandson is doing better and has outgrown some of his allergies, but he will never outgrow his allergies to dairy, nuts, and shellfish, and curry powder.

    Be sure to use unscented clothes washing detergent.

    My suggestion to you is to talk to your pediatrician. He/she can do allergy tests and refer you to a dermatologist.

  2. welcome to dairy free cooking.

    It's much easier if you feel free to use substitutes like soy or rice milk. Then, you can pretty much make any baked dish you like, just substitute those other milks. or, I've had success just subbing water. I hope this is the thing that helps!

  3. Thanks for your suggestions. I have substituted water on occasion. For waffles, we have used juice, and I made some apple cinnamon pancakes that are made with applesauce. We are trying hard, but will probably be taking Kyle to the pediatrician soon.