Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thoughts on Charitable Giving

Thinking about posts ideas and with some good ideas from Cath at ChunkyChooky, I wanted to mention a charity that I am personally attached to. The charity is called Unique. They do research on rare chromosomal disorders, keep a database of people with disorders (to help provide info to them), and many other things. The organization is located in Great Britian and has been useful to my family. Our second daughter has a rare chromosomal disorder that is providentially mild. It took over a year to diagnose (not a long time considering, how long others have had to wait for answers), and the results were unusual. She has a disorder that only 2 other people in the world have (based on what we have been told). It has been interesting, frustrating, and very rewarding.
What is your favorite charity?
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  1. I don't have a great deal of money to send to charities, so I do my best to donate locally. I donate my used clothing, etc, to a local thrift store that serves and employs adults with mental disabilities in our community. I regularly go through my mother's pantry and take out everything that is about to expire and bring it to the local food pantry (she can't resist a sale, and as a result often has far more than she can use.) Regardless of how you give, it always returns such a rewarding feeling!