Sunday, June 7, 2009


I love thrifting! I have since high school. I got the most comfortable burnt orange chair for $5 at the thrift store back in those days, and I still have it today. I buy a lot of my clothese at different thrift stores (though it seems to be harder to find clothes that fit me well now that I am older!) Recently I have been buying men's shirts to make dresses for my kids and random fabric and vintage sheets (to make a quilt some day!). But last Saturday, I found the greatest thing ever. I found an antique sewing machine at GoodWill for $30!

I walked all around the sewing machine and tried to decide if I wanted to buy it and how I would use it, but the more I looked at it the more I was intrigued (completely captivated) by the amazing machanics of the machine. Check out the details!

The thread regulator is on the outside, left of the machine. It just looks so cool!

Aren't these wheels amazing! I love how shine they are! The person who owned these machine took great care of it.

Here is the desk that it is housed it.

I should have taken a picture of the electrical cord as we believe that it is made of real rubber and it is completely disintegrating. The sewing machine doesn't use a foot pedal (which completely threw me off when I was first looking it). It has a little side bar that folds up into the desk, that when folded down, you press with your right knee to make the machine work. I found that it still has the bobbin in the case along with some white thread. The top drawer of the dest has a groved section for holding thread. Isn't that neat! The sewing machine is a Domestic Rotary 153 series. After doing a bit of research, I believe that the machine was made in the 1940s and it is worth somewhere between $100 and $300.
Have you found anything really cool at a thrift store? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Well, my Kitchen Aid mixer for $25 is about the best I can think of off hand. But you know me, I've enjoyed thrifting for a long time!

    There more sites that have the manual should you need it. Somone in Modesto, CA is selling one on craigslist, so was looking for a manual for it for him.