Monday, June 8, 2009

Man's Shirt to Girl's Dress: Take 1

After seeing a couple of different tutorials for turning men's shirts into girls' dresses, I decided to try making a couple of them. The is actually the third dress I made. But since it is the only one I could get my camera at today, it will be the first I blog about. This one is following the tutorial by Made. I used all the same measurements that she did thinking that it should fit one of my thin little girls. I had originally thought it would fit my 32 lbs 4 years old, but as I got further into making it, I decided that it would be better suited for my younger daughter who is 26 lbs and 2.5 years old. When I finally went to try it on her, it was difficult to get on, so we passed the dress down to my 23 lbs 1.5 years old niece. It fits her really well!

The dress has very narrow white pin strips and the buttons are just for show on this dress. I want to try making another one, but I will try to take measurements of my girls first!

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