Friday, February 12, 2010

Bee Addicted Quilt Top

I joined a quilting bee back in September. My month was November. When I asked my partners to make strip pieced blocks in various sizes, I had no idea how I would use them. (That is probably not a good idea when asking others to sew something for you!) Over the past few days, I sat down and drew out some ways of using the blocks to make an attractive quilt. As the blocks were very busy (per my request), I decided to tone the quilt down (just a little bit) by adding solid and print blocks to the pieced blocks. I am excited about what I have come up with!

I have received all but two of my blocks back, and those two should be on the way now or soon, so as soon as I get them, I will sew this top together! I am excited to see it come together.

Top Left:

Top Right:

Bottom Left:

Bottom Right:


  1. so, how does it work? You send them fabric & they send you the blocks back? I like that black & white (maybe there are several) graphic prints. Funky!

  2. Most quilting bees involve 12 ladies. Each takes one month of the year and mails out fabric to the other 11 women. They give a description (sometimes including a tutorial) of what they want, and the other ladies each make one (or more) blocks and mail them back. At the end of the year, you will have made 11 blocks for someone else, and all 12 of you should be well on your way to having a quilt top! It has been fun and has required some stretching of my sewing skills, but not as challenging as I expected. Check out flickr, there are a LOT of quilting bees.
    I got the idea for this quilt from the black and white prints. I love black and whites paired with bright colors, but this one might be a little over the top! :)