Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Toy Story Quilts

So I guess I should state that my kids love Pixar movies. In my desire to make things that the kids like, I went all out and cut up lots of little squares to make a border around several Buzz Lightyear and Woody blocks. My oldest daughter saw my idea as I laid it out for her. She said that it was too big! She wanted something smaller for her stuffed animals. I was in the process of making a bigger quilt, so I turned it into a nice kids size nap blanket. I think that we will give this one to a friend of my daughters. I decided to use the original big blocks of Woody and Buzz to make simple small quilts for the girls. Just the original block with a border around it. To complete it more quickly, I machine sewed the binding (which doesn't look great, but works).


The back is red Kona Cotton and bound in black:

Buzz Lightyear:

Again Backing is red with black binding:

Are they cute. They are about 14in square.

Who doesn't like a picture of quilts folded beautifully?

This is about half the size of what I had intended to make for my daughters. They didn't want that, so we will give this to a friend. I think it looks nice.

This is one of the small blocks. These were a real pain to work with because they were all cut from old sheets. Some are cut on the bias, some are with the grain, and others are cross grain. Because of all that, they were real stretchy and hard to work with. Next time I do something like this, I will try using starch spray.

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  1. I love the border around the two squares! The part with the extra characters - Hamm, the army men, Slinky, etc. That is just neat! Anyway, I think it looks nice!