Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Man's Shirt to Girl's Dress: Take 2

I have been busy with many things that do not involve the sewing machine. In the last week or two I think that I have gotten to sit at the sewing machine one day, I think. I finished several things that hopefully I will get to post about in the next couple of days.
But first, I have been meaning to post about these dresses for a while. These used to be two mens Hawaiian shirts. I got the shirts at a local thrift store that puts different colored tags on sale for $.99. I just found a couple of large Hawaiian shirts that I liked the prints. Now they are cute dresses thanks to this tutorial. My little ones look great in them. I love the long length. And the knife edge pleats add a really nice fancy touch.

Both dresses:

Avalyn's dress front:

The back of Avalyn's dress (this used to be the front of the shirt):

One of the sleeves. I didn't have narrower elastic, so I used 3/4 inch.

Keira's dress front:

The back of the dress. I really love the buttons on the back!

Here I was able to use 1/2 in elastic (or I think that is what it was!)

I was really really happy with how this pleating came out!

My husband really liked these dresses and thinks they are some of the best things I have made as he sees the real usefulness of them. It has given me some ideas of making shirts for myself from men's shirts. We will see if I find the time to do that soon.

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