Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Sew Mama Sew has challenged their readers to make 5 reusable shopping bags by Dec. 22. I don't know if I will be able to make that many with the other projects I have going on, but I have made two.
Back when I began sewing, just over a year ago, I bought a bunch of fabric from thrift stores in upholstry weight fabrics. I haven't used much of it, so this is a great opportunity to use some of it. The fabric for the two bags I made are from an old sheet, but the weight is heavier than normal sewing/quilting fabric. I used the tutorial on the morsbag website. I did modify it a little. The bag they show you how to make is just sewing two pieces of fabric together along three sides. This leaves a line along the bottom and makes for packing the reusable bag more difficult. I squared off the corners to make a "flat" bottom that will hold cans or boxes without pulling on the sides of the bag or distorting the shape of the bag. I am really proud of these bags!
Sorry, but I only have a picture of one of the bags. The other is the same fabric but with the strips running vertically.

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